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iMed Official Annoucement

Dear iMed users

We wish to notify you that the MSBase Foundation has acquired the iMed software effective 1st January 2020
from Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

The MSBase Foundation is committed to supporting and developing iMed in the future
and continuing to offer it at no cost to its users.

If you are interested in new versions of iMed and ongoing user support please create your iMed Portal Account.
If you wish to continue using your current version of the iMed software, you will be able to do so
according to the terms of the standard Merck licence agreement, but you will not be able to access support services.

We are excited to support the future of iMed.

Yours sincerely,
The MSBase Foundation

iMed v7.0.6 is now available!

The latest release of iMed 7.0.6 is now available and includes the ability to capture menopause data


To enrol and follow rigorously diagnosed, ethnically diverse NMOSD patients to
answer important questions about NMOSD epidemiology, natural history and treatment response


Disease selector(Ability for clinician to choose between MS and NMO, NMO has its own disease-specific set of data fields, once a patient is “switched” to an NMO patient

Detailed diagnostic criteria to assist clinician in making informed decision around diagnosis

Relapse screen includes additional symptoms under Clinical presentation section

POG (Patient Overview Graph) screen will be updated to show NMO-specific data points on graph

NMO MRI screen built which includes more information and data capture specific to NMO MRI, such as Optic Nerve / Chiasm / Tract

NMO specific treatments have been added

Search functionality expanded to include NMO fields

You can download iMed v7.0.3 from the iMed User Portal.
Please proceed to the iMed User Portal and create a user account, if you have not done so already.

iMed Features

We’re constantly refining iMed. Adding new features.


multi-user & network capabilities

13 languages

Powerful reporting module


Smart Graphical tools

Automatic EDSS calculation


Large & motivated user base

Centers across the world
0 +
Years of existence
Available languages

iMed User Portal

All new and existing iMed Users will be required to create a User Account on our new User Portal before being able to download iMed. This applies to the latest version of iMed as well as previous versions that will be made available via this Portal.

Licenced users will also be required to Register their existing Licence Key on the User Portal.
New users will be able to acquire a Licence Key via the User Portal as well.


iMed is a powerful electronic system for storage of data from patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

The iMed project was initiated in March 1999, and a beta version was first presented during the ECTRIMS 99 congress in Basel, Switzerland. iMed version 1.0 was launched in January 2000.

Since then, regular upgrades were released based on input and requests from many iMed users and MS experts in the world. iMed rapidly became a software leader for the management of MS patient records.

It allows you to manage and display all the important information about your patients, including their medical history, neurological status, relapses, treatments, neurological rating scores on various scales (EDSS, Scripps Neurological Rating Scale (SNRS)), and results on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and evoked-potentials tests

iMed has an intuitive user interface and clear data structure, which allows you to become immediately productive. In particular, iMed provides interactive graphical charts, which allow you to quickly analyze data on multiple patients, or to drill-down to the details on a specific patient.By providing secure multi-user support, iMed allows physicians in a hospital or medical center to share a single patient database between multiple users and assign appropriate rights and data access privileges to each user account.

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